Creative Director and Designer


Hello. Some professional news: After 3.5 great years I've said goodbye to my good friends at Dropbox and I'm very excited to announce I'm opening a studio practice, Robbs.


Robbs is the creative studio I've quietly been running in the background with my wife Julia for a couple of years. We specialize in photography, art direction, and design. So far we've done projects in the music and fashion industries, but we're excited to partner with businesses of all kinds. We're especially interested in projects involving studio photography and concept-led art direction. Reach out if you'd like to talk about working together.


I'm also excited to begin consulting, advising, and offering strategic brand insights to early stage start-ups, VC firms, and established in-house teams. I'm interested in helping companies create better work, through creating better working relationships between their product, brand, and marketing teams. I'm fortunate to have had broad in-house experience within a number of successful tech companies like Dropbox, Kickstarter, and MailChimp.


Please email about project inquiries or to learn more about my work.